Online payments: How do we choose the best option to send and receive money?

There are a lot of digital payment platforms that allow us to send and receive money from other countries. Choosing which one we trust our currencies to, the money that’s so difficult for us to earn, is really important. That decision will surely make us investigate on social media or consult an acquaintance that already operates with them.


Online payments: How do we choose the best option to send and receive money?

What brings us to a new question, what do we look for on a digital payment platform? Among the things we should consider when choosing one we may enumerate:

  • What kind of payments does it let you accept?
  • Does it have fraud protection capacity?
  • May I dispose of my money easily?
  • In case you have a business, is it easy to add buttons like “Buy now” or “Donate” or some other kind of custom button to my website?
  • Something really important if your business works with a subscription or partial payments model, does it simplify the acceptance of recurring payments?

Nowadays there are endless payment platforms all over the world. But among the most known and internationally operative we can mention Payoneer, Stripe, PayPal, among others.


Stripe allows us to receive payments online through individual accounts and business accounts. It provides the technical, fraud prevention and banking infrastructure needed to operate online payment systems. It offers different payment methods according to the country, and you can receive the money in a bank account.

It has its advantages for small e-commerce and for companies that are expanding and require an efficient and safe payments platform that allows them to operate practically anywhere in the world, with a wide variety of currencies and low commissions. However the retailers must wait a few days before they can see the pending payments reflected on their account.

One of the main differences with other platforms is its great reputation among the developers community, thanks to its systems design and its client orientation. Due to this, Stripe is projected as one of the main payments management platforms globally among a wide range of businesses.


It’s a global payment platform founded in 2005 in the US. It has presence in 200 countries, you can subscribe after a couple of simple steps and it allows you to send and receive funds almost instantly from anywhere in the world.

It has its peculiarities. There are different kinds of fees so, as a VIP client it’d charge a lower fee in your transactions outside of the platform; while the transfers between Payoneer users are free. There are also transaction limits in case of payments with credit cards, and which might be the most questionable aspect, there must be a minimum amount of money in the account to dispose of your money freely.


This North American company was founded in 1998 and it’s one of the most used payment methods around the world. This platform processes online payments quickly and safely, for both individuals and companies or businesses.

In the case of buying and selling, it charges a fee to the seller for using PayPal as a charging platform. There might also apply fees for currency exchange, depending on the payment method used. It allows you to associate different payment methods (Card or bank account) to your PayPal account in one only place. Then you can do your online shopping on thousands of websites around the world that accept this platform.


The market offers multiple options when choosing a way to manage the payments and charges. Nevertheless, at Wipperoz we see Stripe as a reliable digital management platform for monetary transactions, taking into consideration the experience of first class enterprises such as: Pinterest, Lyft and Slack.

Stripe contributes the ideal solution for debit and credit cards processing, and it also admits other payment options for all kinds of uses, allowing our business and yours to be more flexible. We wanted to make your transactions through Wipperoz easier and we found that and much more on Stripe.

*For more information on how to use Stripe through Wipperoz, visit our Help Center.