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What is a freelancer or freelance?

The term freelance is used to identify an independent or self-employed worker. Basically, it refers to those who carry out their profession on their own. It can be affirmed that it also defines a specific mode of professional practice, which was configured from the consolidation of technologies that made remote work possible, also called telework or remote work.

What are the benefits of being a freelancer?

Among the advantages that are usually mentioned in many articles that talk about freelancers are time flexibility, the possibility of deciding which projects to apply for and which ones to work on, having a direct relationship with the client, a greater level of autonomy with respect to which job to choose and which not and in many cases, the alternative of performing tasks remotely.

In some pages, the lack of continuity in the work (you will not always have the same volume of activity), fewer job guarantees, lack of medical insurance and the need to self-manage your collections and accounting are usually listed as disadvantages. All these characteristics have nuances and can be relativized. For example, you can have a formal job and at the same time work as a freelancer in some activity.

It all depends on each person. Perhaps the main requirement, beyond the job or profession, is to have a dynamic and proactive attitude, a certain entrepreneurial spirit and a positive outlook. These are attributes that are useful not only at work, but on a personal level, in life itself.

What is remote work?

As the term suggests, this is work that can be done remotely using technology for execution or at least for the final delivery. Currently there are many companies that have already adopted this modality, managing to optimize times and significantly reduce their operating costs. One of the best known activities that we can mention as an example is telemarketing, used for sales but also for customer service and even to solve certain technical problems. In companies that provide servicies through Internet, the first tests in the event of a problem and many solutions are carried out through remote work. This type of work has specific characteristics that distinguish it from face-to-face work, although they are often combined with it.

What is face-to-face work?

In this case the term is quite illuminating. It refers to any activity that necessarily takes place in a given location. In general, it has predetermined times, that is, a defined workload, and they usually maintain defined routines. But there are also face-to-face jobs that are carried out sporadically or punctually. Such is the case of technical services or trades such as gas engineers, electricians, among others. These are jobs that necessarily have to be done in a specific place.

What role does Wipperoz play?

At Wipperoz we connect customers with suppliers. We understand a client to be any person who posts a job application and requires the services of a professional. We call that post Wip. And we consider every freelancer as a potential supplier.

Our platform is designed to make it easy for each client to find a supplier and request a professional for a specific job. At the same time, we think of making it easier for suppliers to find these offers, through a labeling and notification system, but also with a search engine. We also have other advantages!

We are a platform that combines the possibility of contacts for remote and face-to-face work. This is possible thanks to the incorporation of a geolocation option, which allows you to indicate whether the search is for remote jobs, for a certain geographic radius, or for both alternatives.

We want to be the platform that helps the most to contact suppliers with customers. For that reason, we want to commit to helping you at every step of your search.

That is why we are developing our blog where you can find notes to help those who decide to follow the path of self-employment.

If you have any questions or concerns, do not hesitate to contact us! We are here to help.

Why Wipperoz?

Save timeSave timeEnjoy life and let us help you find the best solution.
ConnectConnect with the bestWe will find the closest suppliers for you and notify them about your needs. They will contact you in no time.
Help others around the worldHelp othersProvide a trade or a service? You can also give a hand to others. Be part of the community.

How it works?

User Posts JobThe user needs help with some task and posts a new job request for someone to give a hand
Wipperoz Notifies SuppliersWipperoz receives the request, spins the wheels, finds and notifies the possible suppliers
Supplier Sends QuoteSuppliers receive the notifications and send quotes to the user
Supplier Sends QuoteThe user loves the quote, accepts it and rest assured that the supplier will take care of it
Supplier starts workingThe winning supplier receives confirmation of the accepted quote and starts working