Freelancer: find the best trade jobs in South America

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Freelancer: find the best trade jobs in South America

We here at Wipperoz seek to connect all manner of trade service providers to appropriate job suppliers across the globe. We can connect you to the perfect trade jobs in South America to apply your unique skillset from automation to food service, maintenance, and more.

Even though we operate worldwide, we have roots and a prominent presence in many South American regions. As a result, we can place trade professionals in South American with positions either locally or outsource them to enterprises across the globe. We pride ourselves on finding the perfect fit for each applicant and are willing to work with you to find the right position to apply your valuable skills.

Currently, these are the top positions we see growing in the South America Region:


The automotive sector has exploded in recent years; car sales continue to increase internationally. Along with this, the demand for automotive production and maintenance has expanded to meet the increase in sales. Currently, automotive sales are reaching numbers of around 70 million units per year.

The automotive industry in South America is also experiencing this boom with Mexico and Brazil both ranking in the top ten vehicle-producing countries worldwide in 2020 - Mexico produced just over 3.2 million vehicles and Brazil produced just over 2 million. It’s no wonder that there has been a huge increase in automotive trade jobs in South America opening, ranging from production to maintenance, and more.

Language Tutors and Teachers

English tutors and educators have always been in demand, especially those who have a TEFL Certificate. With the era of work-from-home positions growing across the globe, the potential for online educational programs is only increasing.

Properly certified individuals can work through a local language center or an online work-from-home position as a tutor. Additionally, as many more sectors and industries look to Latin America as an outsourcing hub, the need for bi-lingual employees will only increase as time goes on.

Software Development

In recent years, there has been a shift in the software development and IT service outsourcing strategies used in the US. Many companies in the US and other western countries previously outsourced most of their software and IT services to Asiatic countries. However, over the last few years more companies are seeing the benefits of moving their outsourced work to South America.

While the wage cost of operating in South America is roughly equivalent to countries like India, China, and Vietnam, South America has a number of qualities which has made it more appealing to IT and Software development firms. Specifically, South America offers a similar culture, a high rate of English fluency, a more robust regional focus in the IT field, more accessible travel options (including proximity), and better call time and time zone alignment. These make it easier for US-based businesses to communicate and work with their outsourced workers.

Food Service Industry

The foodservice industry is a field that consistently needs applicants and workers in positions ranging from line cooks to waitstaff, and even product delivery. For example, Latin America has seen a rapid expansion in the Foodservice Delivery Market.

Over the last five years, the foodservice delivery market has quadrupled, thanks mainly to the rising popularity of food delivery apps and Latin America's expansive fast food industry. This field also sees a relatively low barrier to entry when compared to other areas of the foodservice industry, as many food delivery positions require little more than a vehicle, app signup, and a vehicle.

Software Testing / Quality Assurance

Many Latin American countries have begun to increase incentives for IT companies and employees. One of the most notable is Uruguay; from government incentives, free IT-focused education programs, and boosting market growth with free trade zones, Uruguay has become a significant player in the Latin American tech field.

Uruguay has also put a particular focus on the area of software testing. Currently, the country has one of the best software testing courses in Latin America, the Centro de Ensayos de Software, which offers comprehensive classes from beginner to advanced education levels. This has led to over 700 major IT companies working in the country, including Microsoft, IBM, and Sabre Holdings.

Data Entry

Along with the massive shift toward Latin America for IT jobs, many secondary IT positions are now available. For example, data entry is one of the most prominent outsourced positions from IT and Non-IT companies, which has followed the recent market and outsourcing trends.

Data entry offers a variety of benefits; it is relatively well-paying, prominent, offers the ability to work from home, and has little to no entry barrier. Because of this, data entry positions have become extremely widespread and popular. As long as you have access to a computer and the internet, countless data entry positions can be found and filled throughout Latin America.

Call Centre

Data entry isn't the only position that came along with the IT field. Call center work, which previously had an almost singular foothold in Asiatic countries like India and the Philippines, is beginning to shift to Latin America. Due to a larger English-speaking population, fewer time-zone restrictions, and many local governments incentivising bringing in foreign positions, call center work is now a growing opportunity in many Latin American countries.

While these positions are some of the fastest growing and most popular trade jobs in South America, they don't even begin to cover the wide range of job opportunities we see here at Wipperoz. From TV antenna maintenance specialists to graphics designers and supply line development leads, we have job suppliers for countless positions and specialists.

If you're a job supplier looking for trade service providers for onsite or offsite work, please check out our supplier page. If you're a service professional looking to apply your skills to trade jobs in South America you can sign up here!