Digital Nomads: Living around the world thanks to remote work

Being a digital nomad implies breaking the barriers of distance, location and time when working. Would you like to work and earn money while you travel? Then, this article is for you!


Digital Nomads: Living around the world thanks to remote work

This way of working is increasingly chosen by people seeking a change in their lifestyle, which offers geographic and labor flexibility. Setting itself apart from traditional work, nomadic work breaks the structures of routine no matter where one lives and allows workers to experience different challenges by being able to choose and change their place of residence as many times as they wish. Thanks to the massive use of telecommunication and software, this form of remote work experienced incredible acceptance among people.

What are digital nomads?

Digital nomads are people that work remotely or freelance, but unlike others, they do not have a fixed place of residence. To understand this term better we can split it into two:

  • Nomads: people that do not have a fixed place and move from one place to another;
  • Digital: It refers to software and tools that allow us to work generally from a device with Internet.

Despite often not having a stable site, those who adopt this methodology usually do so from cafeterias, public spaces or while traveling. However, they need an environment with a good and stable internet connection in order to fulfill their job responsibilities.

What type and professions of digital nomads are there?

It is worth mentioning the independent nomad entrepreneurs who sell products such as digital books, online courses, distance learning and apps for several devices, among others. However, there are also other types, such as:

  • Freelancer: offering services without the intervention of an agency or company.
  • Corporate: in this case, the person does belong to a company or agency, but has flexible hours and works remotely fulfilling specific tasks.

This means that a person can be a nomad when their work can be done from anywhere. Currently, the most sought after jobs are those that have to do with programming, graphic design and digital marketing.

What are the advantages and benefits of being a digital nomad?

Nomadic work has many advantages and it is ideal for those who have the tools and knowledge in digital areas. Although they are usually attractive tasks, it takes discipline and adaptability.Therefore, they are not jobs for any type of people.

If you are thinking of living as a digital nomad, you need to take into account the advantages and benefits. The most relevant ones are mentioned below:

  • Flexibility: Is the most remarkable advantage. It does not depend on office hours ( at least not very rigorously) nor has to complete tasks in a specific place.
  • Autonomy: Generally, digital nomads work without anyone’s intervention, make their own decisions and budgets, unless they are under the corporate category.
  • Incentives: Much more committed to work, since it provides a lifestyle of its own, allowing you to discover new cities and cultures almost all the time.

Tools for digital nomads:

It should be noted that if someone wants to engage in nomadic remote work, they must have tools at hand that will be very important to them. They are used to organize the agenda, look for accommodation and to communicate with others.

Trello: This tool allows digital nomads to organize, supervise and manage projects while traveling.

Airbnb: For a digital nomad it is crucial to have a good space with certain amenities. Airbnb is a tool that lets them find accomodation offered by other people based on their preferences and necessities.

Calendly: Allows to schedule meetings and keep an organized agenda, improving productivity when completing tasks.

Zoom y Google Meet: They can be used to hold press conferences or client meetings. Moreover, it enables closer communication with people that have not seen each other in a long time.

PayPal y Stripe: They have a commercial version that allows you to receive and send payments to customers almost all over the world, as well as serving as a payment method on a website and allowing you to generate invoices.

Finally, we can say that in order to be a digital nomad it is important to acquire knowledge of certain tools. Currently, many people are training in different digital disciplines to start working remotely. That is why the job offers started to grow.

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